Names from the Past


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Names From Dover 1962/64
Lt Col Hart; Pete Flemming; L/Cpl Hunnybun & Brother; Sgt Geoff Goff; Taff Tugwell; Dave Webb;Gordon Whipp;

'Lofty' Pearce; Tich Martin; Chris Lloyd; Ray Allison; Ray Ward; Del Mitchell;Sgt Bill Rushton; Lazeretti (can't recall first name); Dave 'Ginger'' Williams; John Hamnett;Bob Thompson;Stuart Marsden;

Names From Farnbrough 1964 & 1976/78
Lt Col John Prosser; Peter Bailey; Nigel Williams; Fred Manning;

Names From Maidstone 1964 - 1966
Sgt Butterworth (Maltese); Les Toppin;

Names From Chatham 1965 -71 - 73 - 75/76 - 77
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Names from Far East 1966 -1968
Ed Brown; Pete Marsdon; John Dowling; Sid Hutchings; Terry Welsh; Dave Yeo; Mick Yeo; Syd Sweeting;Ted Wilson (Fiji

Names From BAOR 1968/73
Ray Ward; Don Felton; Dave Cramb; Pip Piper; Chris Saunders; Tony Sharman; Titch Hopkins; John Horton;              Pete Dawson; John Prosser; George[Fred] Johnstone; Jed Ladka; Joe Monk; Ray Allen; John Barry; Sid Graves;

John Pape; Ian Telford ; Les Atkinson; Dougie Hogg; Dennis Kitchen; Joe Drake; Brock Brocklesby; Scouse Newcombe; Andy Anderson; Ray Cave; Chick Cameron; Joe Herman; Fub Henderson; Pete Riley; Scouse Dobbin; Bob Mac;

Dick Dorey; Lofty Edwards; Mick Fudge; Tony Hall; Joe Hasnip; Ron Laws; Pete Lavers; Frank Mcgrogan; Peter Bailey;

Johnny King; Dave Moffat; Dave Ormsby; Paul Pilkinton; Dave Proctor; George Roy; Jack Viney; Wille Rand;
Pete Warburton; Joe Whinston; John Conroy; Bernie Sprauge;  John Nixon; Neil Hawkins; John Hemmings;

Smudge Smith; Taff Bishop; Jock McBurnie; Loftie Dawn; Clive Dyson; Ralf Parry; Nev Jennings; Mick Stud;

Pete Holland; Pete Quigley; Geordy Head; Sammy Huston; Tabby Belcher; Taff Williams; Joe Whiston;Lofty Hinchcliff; Joe Benyon; Alan Hollyoak; Paul Strobridge;

Names From Waterbeach 1973 -1976
Bill Bellamy; Brian Avery;

Names From Cyprus 1974
Steve Ewing;

Names From Salalah 1974/5
Jock McFaddon;

Names From Gibraltar 1975

Names From RE Mobile Display Team 1976
John Deveroux;

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