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Time Line



1961       Enlisted: I Signed on in Plymouth  December 1961 on my 15th birthday

1962       Joined:  Junior Leaders Regt RE at Dover 

1963       Outward Bound course:  Tywyn Wales

1964       Entered man service:  1 Trg Regt RE at Southwood Camp  Cove  Farnbrough Hants

              First Posting:  36 Engr Regt RE at  Maidstone  Kent

1965       A3 Fitter IC & P course:  R.S.M.E. Gordon Barracks  Chatham  Kent

1966       Detachment Op Crown:  CRE Works Crown,  Thailand

              Posted:  11 Independent Fld Sqn RE at  Malacca  Malaysia

1966/7    Returned to Thailand:  Post Op Crown with 11 Sqn​

              Promoted:  Lance Corporal

1968       A2 Fitter IC & P Course:  Kluang  Malaysia

​              Posted:  23 Independent Amphibious Sqn RE.  Hameln  Germany

1971​       Promoted:  Full Corporal

​              A2 Fitter Engine RE Course:  R.S.M.E Brompton Barracks  Chatham  Kent

1972/3    ​​B2 Combat Engr Course:  Osnabruck  Germany

1973       Posted:  52 Field Squadron RE (Airfields) 39 Engineer Regiment (Airfields RE. Waterbeach Cambs

​              A1 Fitter Engine RE Course:  R.S.M.E Brompton Barracks  Chatham  Kent

​              Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare (NBC) Decontamination Course:  RAF St. Athans, Wales

1974       Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare (NBC) Instructors Course:  Porton Down,Wilts.

              Detached:  Op Platypus: attached to the PSA at  Dhekelia  Cyprus​

1974/5    Detached:  PSA at RAF Salalah,  Oman

1975/6    B1 Combat Engr Course:  R.S.M.E Chatenden Barracks  Chatham  Kent

1976       Detached:  RE Mobile Display Team  Long Marston Warcs.

              Promoted:  Sergeant

​              Posted:  57 Trg Sqn RE, 1 Trg Regt RE at Southwood Camp Cove  Farnbrough Hants

1977       SNCO's Cadre​ Course:  Royal Engineers HQ Brompton Barracks  Chatham  Kent

1978       Posted:  3 Trg Regt RE at Southwood Camp  Cove  Farnbrough Hants

              Demobbed:  March sees the end to 16 Years man & boy with the Corps of Royal Engineers

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